Congratulations, Students!

Southern Dance Theatre’s faculty and staff celebrate all of our students that prepared, worked diligently with their coach, expanded their artistry, stretched their creativity, heightened their level of self discipline, and put themselves courageously front and center as they auditioned for BAK or DSOA.

Anytime you become better at something, because of the process, you are a winner whether it’s through recognition or your knowledge of its valuable worth.

“And all that matters now is where you go from here” – Finding Neverland
It is our wish that everyone who auditioned will forge forward from here and embrace whatever their unique path is and where it will lead them from here.


2018-2019 BAK STUDENTS

  • Maya Akins – Dance
  • Melissa Augustin -Dance
  • Geraldine Cardosa -Ruiz – waitlist Dance
  • Camryn Coyle – waitlist- Dance
  • Riley Heck – Dance
  • Drew Lessne – Dance
  • Emma Rubenstein – Dance
  • Francesca Wisniew – Dance
  • Hannah Zimmerman – Piano
  • Jeffrey Zimmerman – Piano


  • Savanna Bourque – Dance
  • Tori Gilbert – Dance
  • Caroline Kern – Dance
  • Sophia Manocchio – Communications

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