Studio Policies

In order to create a supportive and well-structured atmosphere conducive to learning, we have established basic rules for all to follow.  We believe all students deserve a great learning environment so they can gain knowledge, develop their talents, and have as much fun as possible in class.

Discipline Procedures for Poor Behavior in Class

1.  Verbal reprimand.

2.  If problem persists, student sits down until able to correct behavior.*

3.  If problem continues, student is removed from class and sent home.*

*Parent or guardian will be notified.

Just showing up is not enough.

Dress codes are to be followed.  Jewelry of any kind is not to be worn to class.  Appropriate hair style, specified dance attire, and footwear are vital tools for an effective class.

Attendance is necessary in order to progress.  Arrange to make up classes for times when you are absent.

Never accept less than your best.

  • Mind-Keep your focus on class.
  • Body-Work at 100% of your physical ability.
  • Spirit-Enjoy yourself and receive the gift of dance.

Corrections are important and apply to everyone.

  • Listen
  • Acknowledge
  • Look
  • Apply immediately

Etiquette-Respect your teacher and fellow dancers.

  • Courtesy-Speak little, listen much, hands to yourself, be ready for class, be still when the teacher is speaking, raise your hand for questions.
  • Distractions-Restroom and water breaks should be taken before or after class.
  • Phones are prohibited.
  • Arrive on time.  If 15 minutes late, you must observe the class.
  • Gum, food, and drinks are prohibited in studios.