“A Love Affair”

A Love Affair 2016

A Love Affair Joan Miller

A Love Affair is an annual performance hosted by The Dancer’s Alchemy whose proceeds have contributed to a variety of causes over the years from Alzheimer’s patient day care center scholarships to benefiting the Renfrew Center Foundation for the education, prevention, research, advocacy and treatment of eating disorders.

This year’s benefit is in tribute of Joan Miller and proceeds will provide for her medical needs and care as she battles Alzheimer’s Disease.  The Dancer’s Edge Company and Southern Dance Theatre will participate, along with many of Ms. Joan’s former students and their dance companies.

Joan Miller was a founder of Southern Dance Theatre and an icon in the world of Dance, owning Palm Beach Ballet Center for over 50 years.  Ms. Joan has a very special place in our hearts and we hope you will join us for the show or make a tax-deductible donation for this cause.

Tickets for Groups and Individuals are on sale now and advertising will be available within the event’s program for individuals or businesses wishing to send Ms. Joan a message.  The Dancer’s Alchemy has launched a brand new website with all of the details.