2017-18 Elite Ballet Program Student Accomplishments!

The following include Competition results and Summer Intensive acceptances and scholarships for our students who participate in the Elite Ballet Program, part of The Dancer’s Alchemy. We’re so proud of these dancers and directors Sandra Goodnough and Elizabeth Gonzalez for their accomplishments!


Tuscany Group Piece – Top 12

Salma Kiuhan – Top 12 in Senior Division for Classical Variation and Contemporary Solo


Intermediate Level Junior Division (Top 10)
Classical Variation – Kelsey Solomon, 7th Place
Contemporary Solo – Kelsey Solomon, 6th Place; Taylor Schmitt, 9th Place

Competitive Level Junior Division (Top 15)
Classical Variation – Tori Gilbert, 12th Place; Savanna Bourque, 9th Place
Contemporary Solo – Savanna Bourque, 13th Place

Competitive Level Senior Division (Top 10)
Classical Variation – Salma Kiuhan, 3rd Place; Madison Bourque, 10th Place

Competitive Level Junior Division Group (Top 5)
Tuscany – 2nd Place

Scholarships from UBC:

Orlando Ballet – Savanna Bourque – 2 week full Scholarship
Motion Dance – Tori Gilbert – 4 week Scholarship, 40%

Summer Intensive Acceptances:

Ava Allwardt – ABT Tampa, Orlando Ballet

Sienna Alpert – ABT Texas, Atlanta Ballet, Orlando Ballet

Madison Bourque – Orlando Ballet, 25% Scholarship; ABT  California; Atlanta Ballet; Washington Ballet
Savanna Bourque  – Orlando Ballet – 2 week full Scholarship and 25%; ABT New York; Ellison Ballet

Tori Gilbert – Motis Dance – 4 week Scholarship, 40%; Next Generation Ballet – 75%; Orlando Ballet – 25%; ABT New York

Salma Kiuhan – Next Generation Ballet – 85%; Atlanta Ballet; Houston Ballet; Pittsburgh Ballet Theater

Kelsey Solomon – Next Generation Ballet  – 20% Scholarship; ABT Texas

Taylor Schmitt – ABT Tampa; Orlando Ballet

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